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Tri-Energetics (TE) is practiced by all sorts of people in all walks of life: musicians, artists, film directors, flight safety instructors, yoga teachers, funeral directors, negotiators, consultants, nurses, doctors….

TE Community members share several important qualities. They are grounded or based in love. They have significant personal development and personal work experience, some of which is in TE-based groups. They are well-known to others in the TE Community. They value Self-awareness, good communication skills, and capacity of connection.

If you feel you want support for personal or professional change, feel free to contact the people mentioned on these pages. They are all grounded in TE and respect the experience and intention of their clients, and engage them as co-creators of desired results. 

Contact them for expert help in satisfying your personal or professional wants, needs and intentions.

Want to become a TE professional yourself?
It starts by getting educated in TE.

Participate in a TE Circles.


Christa Bogner, Aloha Spirit

Eelco de Geus, Leben im Dialog

Julia de Geus, Vielfalt im Einklang

Roberto Preinreich, Europäisches Shiatsu Institut Austria

Sonja Rauschuetz, Vienna School of Negotiation

Michael Schoenen, LinkedIn



Frie Lavelli, Innerlijke Danser
Philippe Dewachter, Innerlijke Danser

Gunter Albrecht, Atelier Albrecht

Cerstin Deppe, Naturheilpraxis Deppe

Gudrun König-Kubny, Balance Lindlar

Werner Kubny, Werner Kubny Films

Gabriela Kühn, Die Tanzpraxis

Christel Joy Kluth, Touch Your Energy

Raimund Mauch, Kraft der Stimme
Sabine Miscychowski, Atelier Misczychowski

Werner Oelmaier, Aikido-Dojo Ravensburg
Helena Schär, Dipl. Astrologin

Elke Maria Scheller, Tanzform
Harry Seaman, Taijiquan Schule Ortenau

Christina Wallisch, Bergstimmung

Andreas Weisser, Ravensburger Clownschule



Counsellors empower people to make needed changes in ways of thinking, feeling, and behaving. They are professionals who help individuals, families, or groups accomplish mental health, wellness, education, or career goals. All counselling is essentially goal-based, collaborative, non-judgemental, and supportive.  Typically, a counsellor listen to the client’s story and works with him or her to set goals and develop plans to accomplish these goals.

The Certified TE Counsellors listed below offer professional services to help you address your personal and professional needs.



Coaches help people achieve desired results in their lives, careers, businesses, or organisations. They form collaborative, supportive, professional partnerships with clients to help them move from where they are now to where they want to be. Coaches activate and energise the client’s resources to help them achieve excellence and to fulfil goals. They help clients clarify intentions so that they move into action with greater focus and awareness possibilities.

The Certified TE Coaches listed below offer professional services to help you clarify your intentions and address your personal and professional needs.


Trainers present expert information or instruction in order to improve clients’ performance or help them attain required levels of knowledge and skill. This profession develops knowledge and skills through study, experience, and teaching. The particular mix makes some trainings didactic, and others experiential. Trainings are frequently targeted on specific skills for immediate results. However, in some cases they may introduce broad knowledge and skill sets. Although training can by one to one, it is usually conducted in groups.

The Certified TE Trainers offer professional services to satisfy your personal and professional wants and needs.



Henry Marshall, inpeacenet

Sander van Hesteren, HorusConsult coaching en training

Marie-Paule Ricchi

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