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Tri-Energetics (TE) is a method for understanding human functioning 


It helps people satisfy needs, simplify wants, and clarify intentions. It offers a rich array of TE-practices for experiencing and appreciating the deep interconnectedness of the body, mind-emotions, and spirit, and the nourishing power of connection among human beings.

TE practices build on a formula for everyday situations and all kind of relationships

Know what you need, say what you want, have clear intentions.
Be flexible, compassionate, and curious.


TE Circles are events & trainings dedicated to personal development

TE practitioners are grounded / based in love. Graduates of TE Trainings connect deeply with each other. They have significant personal development / personal work experience. They have experienced doing personal work in TE-based groups (such as Playshops). They aspire to exercising high standards of self-awareness and communication skills.

Rickie Moore, PhD

1937 - 2016

The marvelous spirit we know as “Rickie” expressed passionate loving compassion in many different roles throughout her life. She was acclaimed as a group leader, therapist,  teacher, song writer, and author. She was deeply  loved as a devoted mother, engaged grandmother, passionate partner, and steadfast friend.
In the early 1980s, after earning a PhD in counselling psychology, Rickie began leading therapeutic groups in Europe. She called them Playshops. She and her devoted partner Henry Marshall, PhD settled in Amsterdam. They loved, worked, and created as a powerful team for thirty-four years. During this time Rickie led hundreds of groups, composed teaching songs, recorded CDs, and authored numerous books. She founded and developed Tri-Energetics (TE), an integral system for satisfying needs, simplifying wants, and clarifying intentions. She trained hundreds of students to use TE to live more satisfying lives and to serve as counsellors, coaches, and trainers. She delighted in the vibrant, diverse TE Community that developed to carry on the principles she practiced and taught: “Know what you need, say what you want, have clear intentions. Be flexible, compassionate, and curious.”  Click here to find out more!


Henry Marshall, PhD


Henry is a psychologist, counsellor, and coach in private practice in the center of Amsterdam. He empowers people to awaken their potential for healing and personal development. He tailors sessions to suit the individual using everything from Western evidence-based methods to Eastern healing techniques. Henry also offers groups including Stillness Retreats, Mantras & More gathering, and Tri-Energetic Trainings. His passion is leading mantra chanting groups in which guides people to sing out these powerful vibrations and go deep into meditative stillness or expressive free dance.
The guiding vision for all this is Tri-Energetics. He developed this holistic system of self-discovery and and personal development with Rickie Moore, PhD, his beloved life partner and colleague, inspiration and friend. Click here to find out more!


The Tri-Energetics Institute

The Tri-Energetics Institute provides ongoing support and guidance for TE-based activities (such as conferences, communications and projects). Its mission is to foster and support TE-related activities in order to spread inner peace, one person at a time.

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Stichting Tri-Energetics Institute
Brouwersgracht 192-D
1013 HC Amsterdam
IBAN: NL87ABNA0598966234
Bank: ABN/AMRO 1013 HS Amsterdam

TE Institue Board 

Henry Marshall, PhD - president

Sonja Rauschütz

Sander van Hesteren

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