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Metta Meditation Mantras

Aktualisiert: 19. Dez. 2020

Metta meditation is a Buddhist practice that supports fulfilling needs for oneself and others of Safety, Health, Happiness, and Peace. It is also sometimes called “loving kindness” meditation. "In Metta meditation, we direct lovingkindness toward ourselves and then, in a sequence of expansion, towards somebody we love already. Somebody we are neutral towards. Somebody we have difficulty with. And ultimately toward all beings everywhere without distinction” (from an article at

My practice of Tri-Energetics includes knowing what I need. Satisfying my needs is an important base for being compassionate with myself and others. When I practice Metta meditation, chanting these mantras helps me feel securely grounded in the qualities of safety, health, happiness, and peace.

Enjoy practicing Metta Meditation chanting the mantra recordings in the links below. If you are curious click for specific events.

For peace OM SHANTI OM

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