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The 3 minute BAM (Breath, Attention & Movement)

If there is one NEED that we all share as human beings, it is the need to feel SAFE. Although world events and our personal relationships may not provide a sense of security, it is something that we can practice creating for ourselves. After all, who’s sitting in the driver’s seat, anyway? Let me share with you a very simple and effective practice that can quickly fulfill your need to feel safe. Try it as you read!!!

The 3 minute BAM (Breath, Attention & Movement) • minute #1) Belly Breathing: Breathe in and out through the nose. Extend the abdomen on each inhalation by gently pushing down on the diaphragm, and contract it on each exhalation. Gradually slow down the inhalations and exhalations until reaching about 8 heartbeats each. • minute #2) Heart-Light Attention: On the inhalations, experience Light entering your heart coming directly from Universal Love. On the exhalations, experience Light radiating outward from your heart, energizing the network of global Light-Leaders and spiritual caretakers. Use lots of imagination and amplify the feelings in and around your heart. • minute #3) Mudra Movement: Use your own, unique moving mudra (a physical movement or gesture) to embody deep humility and gratitude toward Universal Love. Create the feeling in your heart that you are unconditionally loved, perfectly guided and absolutely SAFE.

This practice shifts brain activity, blood chemistry and impacts your nervous system in such a way, that your perception of the world you live in - and your behavior in that world - will be more rooted in love rather than fear. We learn to radiate peace rather than defensiveness. If we wish for a safer world to live in, then we had better become a safer person to be around.

Have a closer look at my Light Leader’s training, if you are interested.

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