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TE Playshop - online for connection

Aktualisiert: 24. Nov. 2020

Michael, Rita, Peter, Bert, Henry and Sonja - the Austrian TE Playshop Team - found that connecting virtually can be nourishing, fun, and renewing. So, in the spirit of flexibility, compassion, and curiosity, we, invited to an online two-hour Virtual Playshop on August 21st 2020 with the intention to nourish connection within our community

Over 40 people joined

TE Playshops are all about connection with yourSelf and with others, so we warmly invited people interested in TE or Playshops for a fun two hour connecting, sharing and experimenting with the online possibilities

The experience was a beautiful TE Circle with wonderful moments filled with laughter, personal sharing, mantras, 7 stretches, stillness and a mini fire ceremony. If you are interested when the next TE Playshops take place, stay tuned to to our TE Events or contact Bert Boiten-Schlegel.

TE Playshops are happening with the intention to:

  1. Nourish connection within our community and inspire TE circles

  2. Share and recharge while having fun connecting with our mind-emotions and spirit

  3. We need to stay in contact with ourSelves and with others.

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